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John Fletcher: Love's Emblems

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Love's Emblems 

NOW the lusty spring is seen;
    Golden yellow, gaudy blue,
    Daintily invite the view:
Everywhere on every green
Roses blushing as they blow
    And enticing men to pull,
Lilies whiter than the snow,
    Woodbines of sweet honey full:
        All love's emblems, and all cry,
        'Ladies, if not pluck'd, we die.'

Yet the lusty spring hath stay'd;
    Blushing red and purest white
    Daintily to love invite
Every woman, every maid:
Cherries kissing as they grow,
    And inviting men to taste,
Apples even ripe below,
    Winding gently to the waist:
        All love's emblems, and all cry,
        'Ladies, if not pluck'd, we die.'

Heinrich Heine: Die Lilje meiner Liebe

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Heinrich Heine

Die Lilje meiner Liebe
Du stehst so träumend am Bach,
Und schaust hinein so trübe,
Und flüsterst Weh und Ach!

Geh fort mit deinem Gekose!
Ich weiß es, du falscher Mann,
Daß meine Cousine, die Rose,
Dein falsches Herz gewann.

Poetic translation

My sweetheart has a lily
That dreams by a brook all day,
It turns from me, and stilly
Its beauty seems to say:

"Go, faithless man, your rapture
Has left me cold. . . . Depart!
I saw you bend and capture
The Rose with your faithless heart."


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