Don Juan by Byron (love quotes)

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From Canto I of Don Juan

Yet Julia's very coldness still was kind,
 And tremulously gentle her small hand
Withdrew itself from his, but left behind
 A little pressure, thrilling, and so bland
And slight, so very slight, that to the mind
 'T was but a doubt; but ne'er magician's wand
Wrought change with all Armida's fairy art
 Like what this light touch left on Juan's heart.


Then there were sighs, the deeper for suppression,
 And stolen glances, sweeter for the theft,
And burning blushes, though for no transgression,
 Tremblings when met, and restlessness when left;
All these are little preludes to possession,
 Of which young Passion cannot be bereft,
And merely tend to show how greatly Love is
 Embarrassed at first starting with a novice.


Such love is innocent, and may exist
 Between young persons without any danger.
A hand may first, and then a lip be kissed;
 For my part, to such doings I'm a stranger,
But hear these freedoms form the utmost list
 Of all o'er which such love may be a ranger:
If people go beyond, 't is quite a crime,
 But not my fault--I tell them all in time.


How beautiful she looked! her conscious heart
 Glowed in her cheek, and yet she felt no wrong:
Oh Love! how perfect is thy mystic art,
 Strengthening the weak, and trampling on the strong!
How self-deceitful is the sagest part
 Of mortals whom thy lure hath led along!--
The precipice she stood on was immense,
 So was her creed in her own innocence.


"I loved, I love you, for this love have lost
 State, station, Heaven, Mankind's, my own esteem,
And yet can not regret what it hath cost,
 So dear is still the memory of that dream;
Yet, if I name my guilt, 't is not to boast,
 None can deem harshlier of me than I deem:
I trace this scrawl because I cannot rest--
 I've nothing to reproach, or to request.

From Canto II of Don Juan

A long, long kiss, a kiss of Youth, and Love,
 And Beauty, all concentrating like rays
Into one focus, kindled from above;
 Such kisses as belong to early days,
Where Heart, and Soul, and Sense, in concert move,
 And the blood's lava, and the pulse a blaze,
Each kiss a heart-quake,--for a kiss's strength,
 I think, it must be reckoned by its length.

From Canto V of Don Juan

"Thou ask'st, if I can love? be this the proof
 How much I have loved--that I love not thee!
In this vile garb, the distaff, web, and woof,
 Were fitter for me: Love is for the free!
I am not dazzled by this splendid roof;
 Whate'er thy power, and great it seems to be,
Heads bow, knees bend, eyes watch around a throne,
 And hands obey--our hearts are still our own."

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